Paradise Wine Logo Etched Rona Wine Glass 13 oz 6 pack (We do not ship glassware.)

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Rona Glassware

We researched wine glasses for months trying to find that mix of beauty and ellegance while still being affordable. To make the glasses completely unique to paradise wine, we customized each glass with an etching of our playful wine bottle and tumbler logo creating a one-of-a-kind wine glass. We think the Mode is simply the best everyday glass you could have in your home.
Etched with our Paradise Wine logo, this wine glass is perfect for every day. These elegant, thin-lipped, historic Rona wine glasses are named after the village where the company was founded 100 years ago. An all-purpose glass that will thrill the connoisseur--excellent for serving white, red or bubbles. The Mode--a mid-century modern design with an eye-catching angular bottom.